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Nursing Home Provides Christmas Lunch 40 Years in the Making

December 24, 2019
On December 12th, our Sycamore Run facility in Millersburg hosted our yearly Christmas lunch for our residents and family. But this year was a special year for one resident in particular. At the age of 18, Raymond became a father. Although Raymond wanted to have the chance to raise his daughter, the young couple decided to give their precious daughter up for adoption. He never forgot about his daughter. Later having four more children, two boys and two girls, he got the surprise of a lifetime a month ago from his sister Arta.

With the advances in genealogy testing, Arta did Ancestry DNA and recently linked to a young woman who had similar DNA as her. She knew exactly who she was: Raymond's adoptive daughter. With some quick searching through Facebook, they were able to reach out to Crystal, and the pieces of the story started to fall into place.

Crystal was adopted by a nice family and didn't know until later in life that her parents were not her biological parents. Once she found out, it was her mission to locate and meet her biological parents. Ten years ago, Crystal was able to identify and meet her mother, but a simple misspelling of Raymond's last name left her challenged to locate her father over the years. In hopes for additional help, Crystal also did Ancestry DNA with hopes of turning up more leads. With a little luck and a little Christmas magic, she connected with Raymond's sister, Arta. Crystal was excited to meet her father for the first time in over 40 years, and Arta knew the place - the Sycamore Run Resident and Family Christmas party.

Sycamore Run Nursing home facility is honored to be a place where families come together. Crystal and Raymond met for the first time, had a wonderful visit, and exchanged hugs and laughs as lunch was provided by our facility and served by our staff. But the story doesn't end there. Raymond and Crystal plan on keeping in touch and bringing more siblings together after the holidays to meet. Crystal was also able to meet Arta for the first time as well at the Christmas Party.

It is easy during the holiday times to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the season, but remember that the true meaning of Christmas is to be with the family you love and to cherish the moments during that time. We at Sycamore Run Nursing Home and Rehabilitation wish you and your family the very best this holiday season.

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Nursing Home Provides Christmas Lunch 40 Years in the Making
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