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Salute Our Heroes - Celebrating our Veterans

November 11, 2021
As a VA Contracted facility, we are proud to provide quality care to men and women who have served our country. We are truly humbled for the dedication, bravery and courage each of our veterans made for our freedom. Working with these veterans is truly an honor!

We strive to recognize our veterans by partnering with local organizations and hosting special events throughout the year.

We honor the men and women veterans who are heroes and put their lives on the line to serve our country. Today, tomorrow, and forever we will be thankful for all of your hardships, bravery and sacrifices so that we may live free.

Today is Veterans Day and we want to spotlight our fellow veterans who are at our facility. We feel so fortunate to serve these brave men and women every day at Sycamore Run. Please follow along as we share background on their lives. Thank you for your service and for being our heroes.

Meet our Veterans

Larry Deringer

Army in Vietnam

(Spec 4) served 12 months

145 Aviation Longbend
Larry was a cable splicer working on telephone lines. He climbed poles which were three, two by fours nailed together. These are what held the line. His unit had to watch for snipers while he was on the top of the poles. He had a surprise visit from a buddy, Ralph, who was also from his hometown. He just happened to be in another unit close by. They got to spend the day together and it felt like home that day. He got to see the Bob Hope show and said Mr. Hope was very nice. He says, "Freedom is fantastic and I was honored to defend it. If you don't defend it and stand up for it, you will lose it."

Wayne Heffelfinger



Rank: Corporal

Duties: Service Supplies
Wayne is 99 years old and will be turning 100 on March 30, 2022. "I was in 7 different places in the south pacific. I met a lot of interesting people and experienced more than I ever could in school. I earned a dollar a day. Can you imagine that? A dollar a day. I was a young 18-year-old farm boy but I was better prepared than some of those city boys from New York. I learned radio code and talked ham radio for over 50 years. I was a service engineer at Kettering Hospital for over 30 years. I built a TV set in 1945. It was this size of a postage stamp. I had a lot of friends so I had to get rid of it. What is freedom? Well, if you have freedom you are the luckiest person in the world. There is nothing better than being an American!"

Garth Stevens

Air Force

Rank: Airmen First Class

4 years of service

Duties: Hydraulic Specialist

Garth was a Wooster city cop for 6 years and Sherriff for Holmes county for 10 years. "Freedom means being able to get out and walk the streets and being able to do what you want. America is a great place to live and you have a lot of freedom."

Moses Hyshaw


Rank: E7

4 years of service

Duties: Swabbie and whatever they asked of me
“This is a great country to live. Freedom to me means I am free to be me.”

Carole Martin

Army 7 years

Air Force 15 years

Rank: Medic

Andrews Air Force Base

Germany 2nd General Hospital
Carole joined the army at the age of 18. "I worked hard my entire life. I love working hard and taking care of people. I was there at 911 and the things I saw. There are terrible people out there but there are also good people out there. That's what I focus on. That and the good Lord above. Freedom means taking care of others and making sure they are safe. I love America because it is a great place to live."

Stacy Kimball

Air Force

2 years of service

Rank: A I C

Duties: I worked in supply

"I like reading and going to school. I like learning new things. Freedom is important to me because it is freedom of choice and freedom for everyone. America gives everyone the opportunity to be free."

Virginia Phillips


"Freedom means freedom of choice and America is the only free place to live."

Charles Griggs

Army/Cor of Engineers 6 years


Rank: Corporal

Duties: Road and Bridge Maintenance and Prisoner of War Materials
Charles is 99 years old and will be 100 on June 18. "I went to college for 1 year and majored in Mechanical Engineering. I joined the army and because of my education, they put me in road and bridge maintenance. I learned a lot and loved it. Freedom to me is everything! I love America because of the constitution and we must defend it!"

Richard Edwards


2 years of service

Rank: Private First Class

Duties: Transportation
"I love to cook and to BBQ. I worked in construction, drove race cars and love watching races. Freedom means a whole lot to me. We sacrificed a lot of things to get our freedom. America is a great country. I am very proud to be part of it."

Charles Randolph


3 years of service

Rank: Sargent

Duties: Transported food, water, and ammo to the fields
Charles worked at the rubber dump in Killbuck for 35 yrs. He loves to hunt and fish. "Freedom is being free to do what you want. I love America because we are free and we have a constitution which keeps us free!"

Glen Cutlip

Army Airborne

Rank: Spec 5

Duties: Gunsmith

2 years of service
"I wrote and published 16 books. Freedom is the counter part of bondage."

David Heuschel


3 years of service

Rank: Spec 5

Duties: Social Work/Psych Specialist
"Freedom means you get to choose what you want. America is having the opportunity to live free."

Henry Lasch


4 years of service

Rank: 2nd Class

Duties: Boiler Operator

"I have always worked hard. I worked on the RR building track. Was a foreman for 18 yrs. Was a RR truck driver for 18 yrs. I worked a total of 36 years. I love painting and water skiing. Freedom is liberty and being able to make choices for yourself. America is a unique word. When you hear the word AMERICA it is music to your ears. It means so much. It is freedom, liberty, and justice for all. It is continents of states united together. I love this great land."

Tony Bordac


4 years of service

Rank: 2nd Class Petty Officer

"Freedom is being free from everything."

Anthony Rencher


2 years of service

"Freedom means everything."

George Proper

Army 2 years

Rank: Corporal

Air Force 3 years

Rank: Corporal

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