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Sycamore Outside Visitation

August 4, 2020
Millersburg, Ohio - Please help us help our residents and families by having the correct information for setting up outside visits. All outside visits must be set up with Mindy Hamilton the Activities Director. She can be reached at:

1-330-674-0015 extension 2510

Your outside visit will take place in the courtyard between A wing and B wing. Your visit will last 20 minutes. You may bring two visitors with you over the age of 18. No pets are currently allowed at this time. You will be asked a series of questions regarding you possible exposure to COVID 19, you must provide proof of identification, your temperature will be taken, we will write down your name, address, and phone number for tracking purposes, you must wear a mask during the entire visit, you will be asked to show up 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment and wait at the gazebo to be greeted by one of our staff. Once all questions and paperwork have been completed, your resident will be brought out for your visit. You are not allowed to physically give anything to your resident. You must stay on your side of the plexiglass. If you need to give something to your resident, it must be placed in a box or bag with the resident's name on it and left at the front doors between the glass doors to be sanitized before being given to your resident. Please do not come in the facility.

If the weather is bad, please call and reschedule another appointment, we will not be bringing residents outside when it is raining.

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